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Bring it all together

Gather your data in one place to grow easily and make informed decisions about your business

Having the right tool makes all the difference

We understand the difficulties involved in scaling your business, and we've designed our software with this in mind. Adding another store is quick, easy, and affordable.

Centralised data

Gather sales and stock information in one place, then access it from anywhere. Papyrus automatically transfers data to head office and back without any operator actions. Just log in to compare store performance analyse customer buying patterns.

Global reporting

See what’s selling and what orders you need to make, all in one place. Keep track of inter-store transfers and affected stock balances. 

Customer management

Broadcast customer alerts to all stores. When the customer is in store making a purchase, the till operator will receive the message.

Bargan Books Papyrus

“Papyrus feeds sales and stock data from 70+ stores to our head office seamlessly.”

— Gerard Staudt, General Manager at Bargain Books

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