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All you could want to run your book business

Papyrus takes care of the tedious so that you can focus on what matters most.

Your till, only faster...

Rock solid point of sale

Easy-to-use, rugged, and configurable.

Why make a customer wait? Papyrus POS will have your staff up and selling in no time—without ever having to reach for the mouse.

Quick sales

Operators are presented with simple prompts at every stage of the sale, radically reducing staff error.


Automatically provide discounts for loyal customers, or on specific products, either by category, group, or minimum sale value.


Quickly generate or return appros directly through the POS. Papyrus automatically generates sales on unreturned items. All stock, both in and out, will have a matching sale generated right at the till without any need for manual recapture.

Customer orders

Automatically convert your customer orders into purchase orders. When the item is received as stock, Papyrus lets you know with a printed slip so you can keep the item aside

Keep up to speed, and stay in control

Get reports on all activity, monitor use, and keep your business secure. 

Operator signatures and permissions

Configure permissions for each staff member depending on their role. Whether it’s price overrides or discounts, every security-related activity is monitored and reported.

Operator switching

Track staff performance and increase accountability. Instantly switch between operators with a simple signature, all activity is stored and reported.

Till closure reports

Get reports on your daily totals and see what payment types were used.

Secure cash up

Set cash up to ‘blind’ or normal. Blind cash up keeps system-calculated totals hidden until the operator signs off, making cash handling secure.

Never miss another sale

Letting a customer down is the last thing you want to do. We've got you covered. 

Offline operation

Keep selling, even when the server or network is down. All incomplete sales information will be sent through upon reconnection.

Sell anywhere

Because you can work offline, Papyrus allows you to sell from anywhere. When you reconnect, in-store sales and away-sales will sync both ways.

Keep it simple

There's no need to leave the application to handle your most common financial tasks.

Debtors system

Handle all your customer payments and produce statements right from within Papyrus.

Financial system

Extract data into files for import into your general ledger system using either perpetual or period accounting models.

Your business is unique

Benefit from customisations that reflect it... 

EAN and custom codes

Ever stock items without their own EAN? Assign them a custom code and keep selling.

Custom receipts

Customise receipts with your company logo and website address.

Custom transaction documents

Have all your transaction documents designed and laid out the way you want them, for your business, or per customer.


Effortlessly produce reports, tailored to your needs.

And if you think that's cool

Check this out


  • Receive stock either as firm or sale-or-return for later returns generation.

  • Automatically generate supplier short claims during receiving.

  • Flag incorrect supplier stock quantities during receiving.

  • Flag customer orders during receiving.

  • Automatically generate re-pricing labels for on-shelf stock at the conclusion of receiving to ensure price conformity between stock-on-hand and newly received stock.

  • Automatically allocate any extra invoiced charge to stock items’ average cost.


  • Set invoices to handle firm or sale-or-return quantities

  • Invoice out sale-or-return quantities

  • Print packing slips

  • Get warnings on over-invoicing when quantity on hand goes negative.


Database integrity is checked continually. Papyrus provides reports automatically on check-in.

Stock balances

See how stock-on-hand has been calculated for any individual product. If stock is adjusted, an adjustment transaction takes place with all workings shown.

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